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What is Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering is an engineering field that deals with design, development, testing and production of aircraft, spacecraft related systems and equipment.

The field is primarily focused on resolving problems related to atmospheric and space flight, with two major and overlapping streams:

Aeronautical Engineering conceptualizes on the theory, technology and practice of flight
Astronautical Engineering focuses on the science and technology of spacecraft and launch vehicles

At QWings, we cover the basic concepts of aerospace like rocket propulsion, working mechanism, subsystem of jet engines, and fundamentals of commercial aero planes. If crafted in the right direction, learning aerospace technology from the right age will open abundant opportunities in the future.

Future of Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace technology is rapidly advancing. New aerospace technology also means a more comfortable journey for travellers. Airlines and aircraft companies are continuously striving to make travelling easier for passengers. Also, with advances in space exploration and space travel becoming a reality, the future of aerospace engineering is promising.