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Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an entity of computer sciences that collaborates the development of intelligent machines, thinking and working like humans.

It is the practice to replicate or simulate human intelligence in machines. It’s constructed as complex algorithms using computer properties and performing various actions just like humans.

AI is considered as a future technology to bring in fastness, agile and betterment for humans. Artificial Intelligence is a proven scientific fact and its potential will grow exponentially, along with its impact and applicability.

AI is now being implemented across various industries like: Education, Healthcare, Transport, Agriculture, Pharma, e-Commerce, Human Resources and more.

Deep Learning and Machine Learning are two concepts related to Artificial Intelligence.

Why Us

At QWings, we focus on teaching our students on how the concepts of Deep Learning and Machine Learning are applicable in our daily usage.

For example, how the platforms like Amazon, Google or Facebook leverage on these concepts to drive more interesting and actionable suggestions to their users.

• What are cookies
• How cookies work
• How cookies store data
• How cookies help machines learn user behavior
• and more

“Machine learning is the tendency of machines to learn from data analysis and achieve Artificial Intelligence.”

The implementation of Machine Learning is Deep Learning - Deep Learning has made machines to work and think just like humans.

“The technique used for implementing Machine Learning is known as Deep Learning.”

Artificial Intelligence