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Drone Technology

Drones usage has been around for more than 2 decades. Initially drones were a part of military operations, however, for the past few years drone usage is transforming into commercial business. The industries which experienced usage of drone to a great extent are e-Commerce & Healthcare.

At QWings, keeping the commercial usage of drone in the future, we have designed the program to provide substantial theoretical and practical lab experiences for our students.

“The commercial drone industry is still young, but it has begun to see some consolidation and major investments from industrial conglomerates, chip companies, IT consulting firms, and major defense contractors. For now, the industry leaders are still a handful of early stage manufacturers in Europe, Asia and North America.”

With this standalone observation, we are providing few of the best drone technology experts as trainers for our students. Also, as more educational institutes are bringing in drones as future technology examples, we ensure our students are always on top of it.


Considering the results of companies like Amazon and UPS on how they are utilizing drones for package deliveries, many startups are now establishing themselves to connect with various industries including agriculture, construction, entertainment and oil and gas via custom drone solutions.

Drones armed with cameras and special sensors can inspect oil refineries and detect damaged equipment, for example. Drones in schools expose students to potential jobs in the fast-growing drone industry or a broader career in aviation. Besides becoming a pilot, they could look at jobs in programming, design, engineering and mechanics and data analysis.