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Start-up Challenge

Qwings cater to the students according to their interests. The kids would be solving real-life problems. We aim to make our students capable enough to start their start-ups in the field of their interest.

Get exposure and participate in national/international level challeges ✨

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A glimpse of Curriculum (Beginner)

Lectures Topics Projects
Artificial Intelligence Supervised & Unsupervised
Text & voice recognition
Weather & stock price prediction
Introduction to Neural Network
Python Logics & Libararies Games
Alarm Clock
Aerospace Drone, Aeroplane, & Rockets Rocket Science
Drone Design from scratch
Aeroplane Design & Autopilot system
Food Delivery drone
Website Devlopement HTML, CSS, php & bootstrap E-commerce Website
Responsive & Dynamic
Creating & hosting on the server
php Backend
javaScript Canvas, logics & animation 2-D Games
Drawing on canvas
Animated & dynamic structures
Defence technology Missiles, Tanks & Radar Bullet proof jacket & Missiles technology
Introduction to Submarines
Design of Artillery tanks
Introduction to Jammer & Radar
Robotics Automated machines Automatic dustbin
Coolision avoidance robot
Driver-less car
Security alarm
Virtual & Augmented Reality Apps & games 3-D games
VR coding
Shooting games
Projecting 2-D objects into 3-D
Mobile App developement Games & APPs Game App
Messaging App
Introduction to database
MySQL, Firebase

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Every kid is unique, and their skills and interests are also different.

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Customized Courses

Qwings helps the kids explore their talent and provides education in the domain of their interests and abilities.