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Internet of Things

Internet of Things

In simple terms, Internet of Things (IoT) means connecting all the electronic things in the world to each other over internet. This varies from playing a music player to driving a vehicle. This communication uses internet as a medium. The best example for IOT is being able to control house hold devices like fans or ACs or water purifiers with relevant apps on your Smartphone.

In the IoT environment, all devices are connected over internet which can be put under 3 categories:
• Devices that collect information and send it (Sensors)
• Devices that receive information and act on it
• Devices that do both

At QWings, we train our students on the fundamentals of IoT like smart lightning, wireless door locks, smart phone integration and more. The best example for understanding IoT is about how parent’s track school buses student attendance.

With IoT-enabled devices, students can now receive instructions, learn and complete lessons while riding home on Wi-Fi-enabled buses. Likewise, teachers and staff can provide real-time feedbacks, monitor students’ progress.

IoT truly enables the business of education to be more effective, more accountable, more cost efficient and more driven to create safe and supportive environments for students.


With more and more industries integrating IoT to their daily work forces, it’s believed that about 76 billion devices will be interconnected by 2025.

IoT eventually empowers Machine Learning which is the source for AI. IoT allows data flow between the device and AI can help to manage this data without any human errors.

Internet of Things