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Mobile & Web Development

Mobile & Web Apps

The most used applications across the globe are Mobile and Web apps. The usage of smart phones as been increasing multifold year over year. With this the usage of mobile applications has also increased rapidly.

Facebook for social connectivity. WhatsApp for instant messaging. Zoom for virtual meetings. The list goes on as we speak about the simplicity and easiness of mobile apps. The impact of mobile applications across various industries is less spoken. Be it e-Commerce, Healthcare, Pharma, Education or else, the impact is huge and indefinable.

At QWings, we provide project based training for our students on mobile and web application. This includes the fundamentals of HTML, CSS. In education industry, the role of mobile and web applications are detailed to:
• Productive Time Utilization
• Easy Accessibility
• Interactive Learning Experience
• Reduced Educational Costs
• Career Growth


The future of mobile apps is outstanding. Predictions estimate about 258 billion downloads by the end of 2022, which is 37% higher to current trend. With this the opportunities to become a application developer will also be very high.

Mobile & Web Development