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Robotics is a branch of engineering that deals with the conception, manufacture, design, and operation of Robots. This field includes mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering and others.

This technological concept was introduced to develop machines which can substitute for humans. Robots are that kind of machines that can be used in any situation or for any purposes.

We primarily see two types of robots:
• Humanoid Robots
• Industrial Robots

Few primary industries which deal with Robotics:
• Transportation
• Security & Defence
• Medicine
• Education

As coding is part the many curriculums in majority of schools, at QWings, we focus on introducing this future technology to students at early age. Moreover robotics education prepares students to understand mechanics and logics of robots. Sense of robotics will be important for future employment and will be important not to repeat those practices that caused gender divide in relation to technology in teaching robotics and coding.


The future for robots is bright. From personnel assistance to performing complex surgeries Robots will play a major role across many industries. For example, during the COVID19, many hospitals and frontline relief groups across the globe relied a lot on robots to contain the virus by avoiding human contact. Likewise, robots have been used extensively to supply essential commodities to high prone neighbourhoods.